Couch Potato Exercises

Doc Bones on TV

Before we begin, let me ask a question.

What does a Couch Potato need?

___1) A Couch Potato needs a Couch.__

___2) A
Couch Potato needs a TV.___

___3) A Couch Potato needs a remote control._

___4) A Couch Potato needs Snacks and Sugary Drinks.


Exercises that Couch Potatoes can do while watching TV:

Begin your Couch Potato workout with some stretches.

Loosen up with some Twists

Sit-ups are a good way to warm-up as well.

Here are some great upper body exercises that you can do using items available to you at home. Examples of such items include: 1, 2 and 3 liter soda bottles, detergent bottles and other 1-gallon bottles of juice, lemonade and iced tea. Larger bottles are available as well. You can use these bottles with the original contents or fill them with water after using the contents.

Another thing you might consider is filling empty bottles with sand for added weight. Sand is approximately 2.5 times the density of water. A gallon jug of water weighes a bit more than 8 pounds, whereas the same gallon jug filled with sand will weigh around 21 lbs.

Interestingly, a 1-gallon jug filled with gold (if you are so lucky to have one) would weigh about 158 pounds. That's because the density of gold is a tad more than 19 times the density of water.

This is an excellent shoulder exercise.

Using gallon jugs as dumbbells to exercise the shoulders.

Dumbell presses.

Two 9-Liter Plastic jugs can be used like a barbell. A liter of water, for example, weighes 1 kilogram (kg) or 2.2 lbs. A 9-liter jug filled with water weighes nearly 20 lbs. You can also try using 1 gallon jugs.

Try the Shoulder Press in the seated position as well.

Chest Exercises using couch potato dumbbells.

Chest exercises using a couch potato barbell.

Upper Back Exercise

The Deadlift. This is a good exercise for both leg and lower back muscles.

Barbell version of the Deadlift.

Biceps Curls using couch potato dumbells.

Biceps Curls using a couch potato barbell.

Don't forget your triceps. This is an exercise that is easier to do seated than standing. Lean back in your chair and simply extend your arms as you see here.

In the "good old days" there was an exercise device called the medicine ball. This was a weighted ball that people tossed back and forth to each other as a form of exercise. People still use the medicine ball, which comes in various sizes (diameters) and weights.

Here you see me exercising with a weighted version of SpongeBob. I added bags of beans and rice to SpongeBob. He now weighes about 7 lbs. 1-2-3 Throw!

Sport of All Sorts

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